Understanding  Tui Na  massage

Tui Na  massage is deep and energetic before being soothing.

It is practiced with fingers, wrist, forearms and elbows pressing deep, pushing, rolling, kneading, rubbing, grasping… Physiologically speaking, Tui Na  massage reaches not only skin but also muscles, tendon blood circulation, acupuncture points, exchanges between organs and viscera.

Releasing energy blocked in an acupuncture point can be painful at first. You will feel the benefits and relaxation linked to the opening of acupuncture points a while after.

Recommendations for  Tui Na  massage

Tui Na  massage will revitalize tired or depressed people. It will soothe nervous, anxious people or those undergoing high levels of stress. It will relieve muscular tensions or chronic ailments requiring therapeutic intervention. (backache, headache, insomnia…) It will stimulate the immune system and cell exchanges and will help blood circulation and digestion.

Effects of  Tui Na  massage

There’s no absolute rule as we all react to massage differently. Reactions after massage also differ from one session to the other. They depend on the energies of the moment.

Immediately after being massaged you may feel cold (plan accordingly). This natural physiological reaction is the result of the slow down of metabolism caused by massage. You will also benefit from a feeling of lightness (possible sensation of floating) linked to letting go and energy redistribution.

You may then have a good or agitated night. The following days you may – or not – experience some pain, redness or ache on the parts that were particularly worked on. These effects are due to the massage depth itself which can create slight inflammation of muscle tissues when they are not sufficiently used to this kind of work. It is advised to drink a lot in order to help the organism to drain and recover.

Tui Na  massage is therefore a kind of body and mind reset. This feeling of fullness will last a few days. You will feel external elements are being put away and you will focus on yourself again.

The more often you will get Tui Na  massage, the better your organism will regulate and the less ache you will feel. You will switch to preventive mode, a guaranty of real physical and psychic serenity.

Contra indications to  Tui Na  massage

Contra indications are the same as for any other type of massage. It is proscribed in case of surgery, recent wound or lesion, fracture, transplant, inflammatory period or infectious conditions ( fever, nausea…).

For pregnant women, massage must be proscribe before the third month.

If you have any doubt concerning a pathology you may have, please ask your doctor for advice.


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